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VK Series


for indoor installation

Vacuum compact circuit breaker series VK is third generation of medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers manufactured in KONCAR - MEDIUM VOLTAGE APPARATUS, Inc. Vacuum compact circuit breakers have been designed to meet requirements of domestic electric distribution networks, and also fit well in industrial switchgear. The design of these series complies with current world trends in medium voltage apparatus design and development.

Vacuum circuit breakers series VK are based upon latest generation of vacuum interrupters, distinguished by minimal dimensions and masses. Product range of series VK covers rated voltages up to 38 kV, rated breaking/making capacities up to 40/100 kA and rated currents up to 3150. Circuit breakers are designed as three-pole units, with vacuum interrupters built into insulating cylinders.

The complete line of circuit breakers is designed and type tested in accordance with IEC Norms (Pulication 62271-100).


A - Poles
B - Operating mechanism
C - Base
D - Transmission levers
P1, P2 - Terminals

1 - Insulating cylinder of epoxy resin reinforced with glass-fiber
2 - Vacuum interrupter
3 - Fixed upper carrier
4 - Moving contact
5 - Flexible connection
6 - Lower connection housing
7 - Addition of moving contact of the vacuum interrupter
8 - Insulating lever
9 - Transmission lever

Spring charging, energy storing operating mechanism type m5-VK is used at circuit breakers series VK. Operating mechanism is mechanically trip-free, with possibility of energy surplus restitution. These features make the operating mechanism extremely reliable and endurable.

Operating mechanism is equipped with motor drive, opening and closing releases, anti-pumping device, auxiliary switch with 5NC and 5NO contacts, and 24-pin plug-in connector for connection of auxiliary circuits. Other special fittings can be delivered on customer’s request.


Rated voltagekV1238
Power frequency withstand voltage 50Hz/1min.kV2895
Impulse withstand voltage 1,2/50µskV75200
Rated frequencyHz5050/60
Rated currentA8002500
Short time withstand current (3 sec.)kA1640
Rated making capacity (peak value)kA40100
Rated breaking capacity (symmetrical)kA1640
DC component at asymmetrical current%3232
Rated breaking capacity for single cap. bankA400 (IEC)400 (IEC)
Opening timems4545
Closing timems6070
Arcing time at rated breaking capacityms1010-15
Break timems6070