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KSMV Series


metal enclosed, SF6 gas-insulated

Compact modules series KSMA are intended for design of various compact, metal enclosed switchgear variants. All live parts are placed in SF6 gas-insulated steel containers, which provide mutual insulation of current path elements, as well as insulation to the earth level potential. Busbar compartments are also SF6 gas-insulated. The electric arc quenching takes place in vacuum interrupters built in circuit breakers and load break switches. SF6 gas is not used as arc-quenching medium, which provides complete environmental acceptability of this product and eliminates operational maintenance of the primary circuits.

Besides the obligatory manual drive, compact modules series KSMA are equipped with motor drive and set of releases for remote control of each device. This feature enables complete automatization of these switchgear type.

Compact modules series KSMA are built for indoor installation at normal service conditions, in accordance with IEC 62271-200. Nominal parameters of these modules have been confirmed by adequate certificates.


  • Vacuum circuit breaker
  • Three-positional disconnector
  • Capacitive voltage indicators
  • Combi-sensors or current transformers in accordance with customer’s request
  • Protection module in accordance with customer’s request


Rated voltagekV24
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 50Hz/1min.kV50
Rated lightning impulse voltage 1,2/50 skV125
Rated busbar currentA2500
Rated breaking capacity, modules with circuit breaker - up to...kA25
Rated making capacity, modules with circuit breakerkA63
Rated short time withstand current 3 s - up to...kA25
Switch-off time (short circuit)ms45
Rated current for three-positional disconnectorA2500
Permissible short-circuit current (ampl.)A63
Permissible short-time withstand current (3s) eff.A25
Impulse withstand voltage 1,2/50μs - to earthA125
Impulse withstand voltage 1,2/50μs - across insulating distanceA145