KONČAR - Medium Voltage Apparatus Inc. last update 10.01.2010.
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Production of high and low voltage apparatus has a long tradition in KONČAR. It started 1946, at main location Fallerovo šetaliste, Zagreb. At that time the main activites were based on repairs and refurbishment of existing trasformer stations destroyed in world war II. The process of electrification started soon and at the field of switchgear equpment KONCAR took part of it in manufacturing disconnectors 10 and 30 kV for indoor installation, as well as line disconnectors. The first series of hydromatic circuit breakers were manufactured under the licence of Siemens (series H10 and H30).
Rapid development of this production starts in 1963, after moving the factory to the new location – Borongaj (former Zagreb Airport). The movement stimulated very successful own development of new products and product lines. We withhold the tradition of own development until today. The development is based on the knowledge, ideas and dedication of our own experts. The first medium voltage apparatus completely developed in KONČAR was minimum oil circuit breaker series M, designed during 1966 and type tested the next year. The circuit breaker was presented to the public at International Zagreb Fair 1967. This achievement had a special meaning for KONČAR, as the milestone in medium voltage apparatus development.
In the following years the development covered disconnector-switches series RSu and RSN and was extended to vacuum apparatus in middle eighties. At that time the production of high and medium voltage apparatus made a great progress and the decision was made to establish medium voltage production as independent factory. In the period between 1980. and 1990. the development of vacuum circuit breakers series V (7,2 – 38 kV) and the type tests were completed.

A New Beginning

At the moment when Republic of Croatia reached independence,the company was re-established under the name KONCAR – ELEKTRIČNI APARATI SREDNJEG NAPONA (KONCAR – MEDIUM VOLTAGE APPARATUS) on March 1st, 1991. The production and the development program started over with two new series of vacuum circuit breakers (VD and VK). Until today more than 1 500 circuit breakers series VK have been delivered for Croatian market and more than 500 exported.
The market requiremens pushed the development in the direction of ring main units and compact switchgear. Experience in the development of medium voltage apparatus was re-directed into more complex products – compact switchgear series VDA (classic RMU) and VDAP (extensible version). Since 1994 approx 2000 cubicles have been delivered, most of them to national company in charge for energy generation, transmission and distribution Hrvatska elektroprivreda, and built into medium voltage transformer substations.

Future & Tradition

Our tradition of new product development is a part of present company policy – new series of medium voltage gas insulated switchgear series KSMA and KSMV have been developed and type-tested recently.
Our future plans include wide pallete of new, as well as continuous improvement of existing products, in accordance with our customers’ needs. We believe our customers are our partners and the building of long-term customer relationship is the best investment for our future.